Judge people based on their clothing? Good, then you can help.

I need your help.

Saturday marks the screening of the first ever TV programme I worked on yet due to the hectic nature of my current telly gig, there I was 2 nights ago, frantically scrolling through ASOS trying to find something to wear. What’s that you say? I’ve got plenty of clothes in my wardrobe? Darling, you’re talking to the girl who bought a new pair of shoes to watch the Royal Wedding. At home. On her sofa.

The result of this sleepy-eyed twilight trawl was this beauty made by Band of Gypsies (note: not an actual band of gypsies – I imagine that sort of thing would be hard to find on ASOS)

£38, Band of Gypsies –

On arriving home around 11pm this evening, I was greeted by that joyous little grey ASOS package, tucked up in my covers awaiting my return. With no other options in tow, I was just a little relieved to find it fitted (especially after the Tesco Meal Deal diet I’ve been on the last 4 weeks) but then horror struck (horror akin to The Exorcist and Rosemary’s Baby combined, I’ll have you know). WHAT WAS I GOING TO WEAR WITH IT?

Now, this is where you come in my fine, garment-gandering cronies. I’ve ransacked my wardrobe but I’m still not convinced on which outfit is best so, in the words ‘our Graham’- ‘the decision is yours’.

Outfit 1


Jacket – New Look, Studded Belt – Topshop,
Bag – Miss Selfridge, Boots – Topshop

This is the obligatory ‘easy fix’ outfit option which I’ve recently taken to in a big way (due to being very, very lazy).

Outfit 2

Blazer – Zara, Belt – Vintage, Bag – The Cambridge Satchel Company,
Shoes – Miss Selfridge

I was given the satchel by friends for my birthday last year and love the rose gold colour! It’s just small enough that with the straps tucked in you can get away with making it a clutch.

Outfit 3


Jacket – New Look, Bag – Urbancode, Shoes – Miss Selfridge

The ‘I just want an excuse to use my new bag’ outfit. It hasn’t had a proper outing yet! The shoes were bought as part of a buy one get one free deal in the sale in Miss Selfridge this winter. £15 for them AND a dress!


Outfit 4


Top – The Village Green (purchased at Oxfam), Belt – Vintage,
Bag – New Look, Shoes – Topshop

The ‘wildcard’ outfit. Who buys a dress to wear it as an actual dress anyway?

1 Dress, 4 Outfits

So there we have it. A tricky ménàge et quatre (worked, definitely worked) to choose between so help a lady out and let me know which one is your favourite!

3 thoughts on “Judge people based on their clothing? Good, then you can help.

  1. I love all of these but my favourites are 1 and 4! I would say 4 if it’s for a daytime thing or 1 for evening. Have fun at the screening! x

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