The Winning Outfit for 21 UP 2000 Screening – London

1 Dress, 4 Outfits

Well you certainly are a helpful lot. When three days ago, fraught with fashion fear, I uploaded some outfit options onto this blog, you were quick to respond. With 41% of the vote, Outfit 4 (and the wildcard- WHODAFUNKIT?) was the clear winner.

Outfit 4

Now this is the bit where I have to be a little sheepish. Like, you know when you ask your friend whether you should see that guy again EVEN THOUGH he admitted to not even giving Harry Potter a try and that he thinks coleslaw is a disgrace to the culinary world (deal breakers for you all, I’m sure) and she says DEFINITELY NOT but then you think ‘ooh but he did have lovely forearms’ and BEFORE YOU KNOW IT you’re sipping on a blackcurrant and soda in the local gastropub, feeling a little bit guilty.

Well that. I did that.


*Wails in remorse and grabs at your ankles as you try and leave the room, a look of disgust struck across your face*

In reality, the weather was forecast to be pants so I packed up my comfy boots and went for the second most popular option, number 1. Of course, by the time I got to London, the weather gods had danced their merry dance and the sunshine had come out. DAMN YOU BRITISH WEATHER INTERPRETATION SYSTEM.

But hey ho, here I am on Carnaby Street which was just opposite my hotel, The Courtyard, where the screening for BBC’s 21 UP 2000 was being held.

photo (29)
You may have seen the documentary yourself over the years, it’s that one where they follow the lives of the same group of people every 7 years. No, it’s not ‘Child of our Time’ with the doctor that looks a bit like a dark haired Mr. Wheetos, it’s the one based on the Granada classic which started  back in 1964. When that show was on 42UP, the idea was pitched to the BBC to start a new show to capture 7 years olds in the turn of the millennium, thus giving us 7 UP 2000.


Being my first TV show and given the intimate nature of the programme itself, I was more than a little proud watching the finished product. I laughed, I cried and I wanted to relive it all again. You can watch it yourself when it airs this September – I’ll post the days and times when I know.

And in the mean time, let’s keep our fingers crossed for some scheduled sun to come out so the wildcard can be unleashed on the great British public!


Abandoned Cinema

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