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Time Off Well Spent- Rum Bus, Lucha Libre & Bill’s Restaurant Manchester

One year. It has been one whole year since I started working in TV production and sweet lordy jesus, what a year it’s been. I spent an afternoon last week updating my CV and found it funny how the crisp, concise bullet points didn’t quite capture the morning making body bags out of bin liners, the lunchtime hunting single men out in bars, the evening trying to source gold, rhinestoned leotards or the early hours weeping into a printer that was refusing to work. It certainly didn’t even come close to reflecting how my idea of a good outfit included a sturdy pair of vans and a bumbag.

Photo collage 1
Due to all of this very, very important business (and to think some people spend their lives saving people… alas!) I had racked up a good bit of holidays and overtime, leading me to an epic 5 weeks, yes, 5 WEEKS OFF.

So one week down, I’ve been able to sleep, do my hair and makeup (a serious novelty in my life), meet friends and family and eat good food. Basically, I’ve had what many may deem a ‘normal’ week and it has been bloody beautiful.

On Thursday, my friend Hattie and I went to the opening of Appleton Estate’s ‘Rum Bus’ in the Great Northern Square in Manchester.

Photo collage 2

Headed up by the guy behind West Didsbury’s ‘The Violet Hour’, Dan told us how he’d only got the thumbs up to go ahead 3 weeks ago. Fortunately, a big old bus full of rum was always going to be a crowd pleaser.

In desperate need of some food after a few cocktails, we rumbled over to Lucha Libre, a Mexican street food restaurant that opened last year. Serving everything from tacos, burritos and quesadillas to main dishes, we decided we were feeling greedy and went for the ‘Street Food Tray’. With Hattie being a massive salad lover (aka a ‘vegetarian’) the lovely people at LL split it 50-50 so that meat loving me (cue the jokes) could make the most out of it. AND IT WAS DELICIOUS. The only issue was not being able to finish it all – a problem we didn’t seem to have with the rosé sangria…


Deciding that my healthy eating spree was definitely over, we decided to go for the hat trick and stopped off at Bill’s restaurant that opened up next to Byron Burger on Deansgate just 2 weeks ago. Decked out in well worn leathers, chintzy chandeliers and Bill’s homemade produce peeking at us from sturdy oak shelves we took a seat outside at the back to enjoy the uncharacteristic balmy weather. Ordering a piece of pecan pie to share and two hedgerow fizzes (sparkling wine and elderflower with a frozen blackberry), it felt like we were on holiday.

Photo Collage 3

I must have been a little taken with the place because on Saturday I took my ‘flatmate’ James there for a spot of brunch. Part of its charm is certainly the animated, yet not too try-hard staff who even gave me a goodie bag when I popped in to take some photos the other day.

Photo Collage 4
So with week one down, my waistband may indeed be a little tighter (and my internet banking login momentarily forgotten…) but I can happily say that I have very much enjoyed having a very normal life. And the great news after all of this gorging? The bumbag still fits.

Appleton Estate Rum BusScreen Shot 2014-07-21 at 23.15.04
Great Northern Square, Manchester

Lucha Libre
Great Northern Warehouse,
235 Deansgate, M3 4EN

8-12 John Dalton Street,
Manchester, M2 6JP


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