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Here it is again… January ‘New Year, New You’ Healthy Eating Plan & The Results

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January. The sacred month of devout healthiness. The holy trinity of truly believing that this year, you can do it! You will tone up, you will complete your first proper push up (the dream) and you will laugh in the face of Kebab King on your meander home from a white-spirits-and-soda-water-only night out (most unrealistic sentence I have ever written). I think there’s no lack of enthusiasm- hell, just about everyone I know is being ‘healthy’ but is it just me who feels a little overwhelmed by it all? It’s easy enough to say you’re going to do it but putting it into motion is always a bit trickier.

Fortunately, a friend shared his weekly food plan with me and it spurred me on to create my own. After all if you ‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail’… Wanky sayings aside, I thought I’d share my own with you guys in the hope that it may give somebody out there a new meal to add into their own January kickstart.

Food Plan

After starting this last Monday, I’m happy to report that it was fairly easy to follow and didn’t create too much time in the kitchen (around 30 – 45 minutes a day). What’s more, I saved so much money on my weekly shop because I had a definite list and there was a lot less waste in the fridge this weekend!

Friday morning has become my ‘day of reckoning’ due to always being a bit lax at the weekends (hello gin and bacon and breeeeaddddd) and after four days of the above I’d lost 2.5 lbs which I think is pretty decent/not surprising after what I’d been eating at Christmas. I would also like to add that I did not stick rigidly to the above due to a box of Quality Street that is haunting me at work. IT’S NOT MY FAULT, OKAY?! (It is definitely my fault, I have no will power).

So how’s your first week of being healthy going? Have you created a food plan of your own? I’d love to hear of any good dishes you’ve found and any ideas for healthy snacks!


Chia pudding (Overnight Oats)

Sweet Potato Mac & Cheese

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