Cheap High Street Fashion Fixes to Counter ‘Nothing-to-Wear’ Syndrome

photo (8)

Every 4 months, I find myself half dressed, brow furled, staring into my wardrobe in a state of utter dejection. The clothes purchased during my last fashion fiasco have already joined the army of bobbly garments tucked into the inner corners of my drawers and I’m left clamouring the age old line- ‘I have no clothes, I ACTUALLY have no clothes’ (the housemate watches on in despair)…

With each meltdown comes an erratic online shopping haul – wine in hand, cackling madly as I haphazardly click everything from basic tees to neon fur barrettes thinking THIS ITEM WILL TURN MY LIFE AROUND.

The hysteria has usually waned somewhat two days later when the packages arrive, the deliveryman sweating in their wake. I would feel a little abashed but nothing can ever swerve my irrefutable love of receiving packages (I have reworded that sentence 4 times already and if you still find ‘receiving packages’ funny then GOD DAMN YOU, YOU DISGUSTING BEING).

This month’s haul comes from New Look – a shop that I feel is quite often overlooked in the style stakes but is often matching Topshop in both design and quality (albeit, you have to look a little harder).

image (3)Top: Belle Heart Top £17.99, Ribbed High Neck Vest £6.99, Leather Leopard Print Ankle Strap Shoes £22.99
Middle: Black Longline Blazer £22.99, Blue Gemstone Necklace £7, Grey Longline Tunic £9.99
Bottom: Knitted Skater Skirt £17.99, Rose Jacquard Dress £24.99, Black Acid Wash Ripped Jeggings £17.99


  • The Belle Heart top in the left hand corner came with matching shorts but unfortunately I couldn’t quite get them over my rump
  • The leopard print shoes I LOVE and even wore out to a party this weekend. I know, FLATS. OUT. AT A PARTY.
  • I’ve been searching for a long, sleeveless blazer for ages and this one ticks all the boxes. It actually is longer than what it looks like online which I was very happy about
  • Interestingly the skirt has no hem at the bottom or lip at the top which means that it can be quite dressy – even as a knitted piece. I wore it this weekend with a black version of the ribbed high neck vest
  • My plan is to wear the rose jacquard dress over a shirt as a pinafore
  • Ripped jeans! I’ve finally joined the bandwagon in the only way I know how. Jeggings. My body was not destined for traditional style jeans
  • I also bought this mint green floral necklace in the sale for £8 which is so much cheaper than it’s counterparts found in Zara!

photo (40)

So, with my new clothes in tow, I can now lead a meaningful existence again. Well, until April at least…

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