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What to actually buy a girl: The birthday haul

Similar to Christmas, the expectation of presents has dwindled in the last few years so I was very (very!) pleasantly surprised to receive such a bounty of beautiful gifts for my birthday this year. Along with a spa break from the housemate, the following trinkets lead me to feeling very spoilt indeed.

This is also a great excuse for me to try out my new Canon 700D. I am slowly (but surely) learning how to use it!!


Barking Mad Mug Gary Birks

Mug for a mug.

Multi-coloured Matches in a Bottle

What a great present! I’m forever burning my fingers trying to light candles at the end of their lives and how good do these look? In fact, they’re possibly too good to even use…

Modern MuseEstée Lauder 

I fell in love with this scent when I received a little sample in my Estée Lauder gift set at Christmas. It’s quite musky but a lot girlier than my androgynous Black Orchid by Tom Ford so it’s perfect for daytime.


Trinket boxMoth 

Moth is a gorgeous boutique in West Didsbury, selling everything from jewellery to homeware. Whenever I see one of their infamous brown paper gift bags I get a wee bit excited…

Coleslaw necklaceTatty Devine

You may have already worked this out but yes, I admit it. I am a coleslaw addict. This was recognised this year in epic proportions after I received not only this necklace from my sister but a coleslaw recipe book (entitled ‘Coleslaw Greats’) and two tubs of the god-like stuff. Well done everyone.

Smile Leather NotebookSmythson

As a big fan of a good notebook, this was a treat indeed. Given to me by my ‘etiquette consultant’ friend, I did question whether the instruction on the front alluded to me being a miserable bitch… (PROBZ)


Concealer Pen Lacura Beauty

Now, I’ve heard many great things about this much coveted concealer pen from Aldi (shock, horror) and after it was discontinued, I thought I’d never get the chance to try. Fortunately it was bought back late last year and I’m very happy to report that it is indeed brilliant. Why oh why spend £20 on YSL’s Touché Éclat when this beauty can be purchased for under a fiver?

Pastel blue and silver necklace New Look 

Another example of how New Look is providing on trend costume jewellery for a fraction of the price.

Kiss MixEve Lom

Ma Dick left the price on this one so I don’t feel rude for giving the direct link. At £16 a pop, I’m already cursing her as I’ve become a little obsessed with it already! You can feel it working on your lips (it tingles!) and I love dabbing it on top of my lipstick to help it stay put.


Greeting CardHazel Bee

This card is definitely getting framed.

Liner Clubbing in Ultra BlackBourjois

A little present to myself! I’m a big fan of a really thin eyeliner brush (great for the discreet look for work) and this is very similar to Benefit’s ‘Magic Ink’ and only a third of the price!

Blue Bird Print ScarfMoth

This scarf is so soft, I fell asleep whilst a-nuzzling it the other night. Très dangereux to wear in work – beware.


Do you prefer lots of little treats or something big and useful for your birthday?

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