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Why I Haven’t Been Writing Any Blogs

So, I’ve gone AWOL.

Not actual AWOL. Just Blog AWOL. BLOGWOL.

I keep opening my laptop, letting my fingers patter down on the keys (which is a lovely sound, by the way – like digital rain) yet whilst many an opening sentence has been constructed, no body, no content and certainly no conclusion has been cemented into my blogging archive.

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 15.19.00

It’s not even that nothing has been going on. Au contraire. A LOT has been going on. TOO MUCH perhaps. And maybe that’s why I’ve found it hard. Where do I start? Well, as I sit here en route to Miami (my screen tells me there’s 2 hours 35 minutes to go) and with no boxset of the Good Wife to distract me further, I may as well take a stab at it.

1. I’ve got a new job

Okay, okay. It’s not that new. I left ITV in mid May but a recent friend’s wedding orchestrated that I haven’t really publicised the fact that I’m no longer working for them as a coordinator. I’d been thinking about it for a while and ultimately, I didn’t want to get hemmed into a job that in 5 years, I may not be too sure about. I wanted to try other things first.

So I packed up my secure job at a big and brilliant company and decided to go freelance. Fortunately, a good friend was expanding his radio production company (I took the workforce up to 3) and decided to give me a shot as content producer for their upcoming commissions.

I have been pretending to be a ‘content producer’ ever since.

JOKES. I’m actually the cleaner.

2. The new job is BUSY

So when I joined, there were a couple of commissions in place for Radio 1 documentaries, nicely spread out across a few months. But then we got a Radio 4 commission. And then a 5 live commission. And then another one. And all of them had to be researched, planned, recorded and edited in August.


Fast forward to me sat on a flight to Miami to record a documentary about hurricanes. On Saturday I’ll be flying straight to Mumbai, followed by a jaunt to Shanghai for a doc on etiquette. Basically, I am a WOMAN OF THE WORLD. My baggage capacity was 20kg today and guess how heavy my case was? 20kg exactly. NAILED IT.

Whilst I am very excited by it all right now, the past 3 weeks trying to plan everything whilst booking travel, trying to get last minute visas and keeping up the general day job has been intense. But I love it. I’ve always said that being productive makes me more productive. The fact that I’ve been working late and not cursing the workload means that this was a good decision. WELL DONE BRAIN.

P.S. How did the credit card company get away with calling themselves VISA? Like, guys, you had total undue prominence for all of my visa purchases. I couldn’t stop bloody thinking about VISA whilst sat waiting for my American visa. 

(This has been distressing me all week, I’m sure you can tell)

3. The housemate has left me

Yes. What a dick.

We had a beautiful apartment in West Didsbury. I’ll even show you a picture of our living room that we had to take for the estate agent. Look at how beautiful it is/was (RIP flat).

Rick Living Room

But this past weekend, I packed up all my things and moved them to Salford. SALFORD. And before you Salfordians pipe up, THERE WAS AN ARTISAN CHEESE SHOP WITHIN 5 MINUTES WALK OF MY SHINY APARTMENT. AND A SEAFOOD RESTAURANT. AND A STOVE SHOP. My life will be so much less wanky now, I really don’t know how my instagram feed is going to cope.

So yes. The housemate is now the ex-housemate as he flounces off to London for his new job. He keeps sending me pictures of the skyline from his new work’s roof terrace. I’ll soon be returning them with pics of me in a Peacocks two piece having a Lambrini spritz in a Costa-Del-Salford park (I’M SORRY – I KNOW IT’S ACTUALLY NOT THAT BAD AND IT IS SO CONVENIENTLY LOCATED FOR WORK).

The plan is I’ll join him in February. In the mean time, I shall be found most evenings, crying into my babycham (sorry, I will stop now) at the prices of rent on rightmove. Oh god. What if I can’t afford a flat with an inbuilt waste disposal unit in the sink? HOW WILL I ETHICALLY DISPOSE OF ALL OF MY WASTE FOOD PRODUCTS??!!??!!

4. Okay I’ve run out maybe I haven’t been that busy, I need to reassess my ability to assess my busyness

Sorry about that.


So there we go. That was my attempt at a blog post. There’s now 1 hour 45 minutes to go – what can I say, I’m not a quick writer. Or a good one either – who puts a P.S. in mid blog? I am so fucking alternative (you can take the girl out of West Didsbury…)

Experiencing a little bit of turbulence so I’m going to use it as inspiration to plan my trip with the Hurricane Hunters on Friday. Oh, did I not mention that I may be flying into a hurricane with them?

More on that to come.

Written Tues 4th August

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